About Us

Berylline Labs Pvt. Ltd. is East India’s premier Semiconductor company with the aim to develop new products and cater to clients looking for affordable products, design services, consultancy, and training solutions to enhance their technical skills. Some of India’s top organizations and institutes form a part of Berylline Labs client base.

Berylline Labs focuses on the FPGA technology and related development and is involved in implementing complex concepts, protocols, and technologies on FPGAs. The development team at Berylline brings across rich expertise especially in terms of FPGA technology, its usage, protocols, and functionality implementation to bring forth fast delivery times and cost efficient engineering. The Company is also working overtime on new product realizations to revolutionize day-to-day life of the average citizen.

The product distribution arm of Berylline Labs handles joint ventures, product distribution of leading products including Intel FPGAs, Optical patch cables, embedded hardware platforms, EDA tools among others.